Nebraska Medal of Honor Recipients

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Seventy-three Nebraskans have been awarded the Medal of Honor, our nation’s highest military honor. They received the medal based on personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty.

To be listed, a medalist has to have been born in Nebraska or have lived in the state for two years or longer, or have received the Medal of Honor for action occurring in the state. The last military action in Nebraska was the Indian Wars. Altogether, the Nebraskans whose names appear on the plaque served in nine wars and conflicts: the Civil War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, the Philippine conflict, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Somalia campaign.

A plaque honoring the Nebraska Medal of Honor/Hall of Fame recipients was installed on the Fourteenth floor Memorial Chamber in the state capitol building in 2013.


  • Bates, Delavan
  • Bourke, John G.
  • Coates, Jefferson
  • Duncan, James K.L.
  • Flanagan, Augustin
  • Hanks, Joseph
  • Henry, Guy V.
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  • Howe, Orion P.
  • Johnston, David
  • Josselyn, Simeon T.
  • McConnell, Samuel
  • Miller, Jacob C.
  • Miller, James P.
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  • Prentice, Joseph R.
  • Shapland, John
  • Traynor, Andrew
  • Vifquain, Victor
  • Widick, Andrew J.
  • Williams, William H.


  • Babcock, John B.
  • Butler, Edmund
  • Canfield, Heth
  • Cody, William F.
  • Co-rux-d-kah-Wadde (Traveling Bear)
  • Day, Matthias W.
  • Denny, John
  • Foley, John H.
  • Grant, George
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  • Herron, Leander
  • Heyl, Charles H.
  • Himmelsback, Michael
  • Hubbard, Thomas
  • Johnson, Henry
  • Jordan, George
  • Leonard, Patrick J.
  • Leonard, Patrick T.
  • Lewis, William B.
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  • Lohnes, Francis W.
  • Lytton, Jeptha L.
  • Miller, George
  • Mott, John
  • Stance, Emanuel
  • Strayer, William H.
  • Thompson, George W.
  • Vokes, Leroy H.
  • Wilson, William O
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  • Holderman, Nelson M.
  • Rickenbacker, Edward V.
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  • Ehle, John W.
  • Meredith, James
  • Schmidt, Otto Diller
  • Volz, Jacob, Jr.
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  • Gomez, Edward
  • Kouma, Ernest R
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  • Baker, Vernon
  • Bauer, Harold W.
  • Booker, Robert D.
  • Cowan, Richard E.
  • Hansen, Dale M.
  • Lindstrom, Floyd K.
  • Parle, John J.
  • Powers, Leo J.
  • Schwab, Donald K.
  • Tominac, John J.
  • Treadwell, Jack L
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  • Coker, Ronald L.
  • Fous, James W.
  • Hagemeister, Charles C.
  • Hibbs, Robert J.
  • Keith, Miguel
  • Kerrey, Joseph Robert
  • Young, Gerald O
  • Shughart, Randall D.
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