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The Spirit of Nebraska Pathway provides an extraordinary opportunity to recognize peoples, places, organizations and events of Nebraska. It is a living history of what makes Nebraska special and it is also a place to continue to tell significant stories through sponsorship of a tile along the pathway.

Every Legacy Tile has the option to feature a Quick Response (QR) code that visitors can scan with their smart phone or tablet. The QR code connects to this website which is devoted exclusively to telling more of your family’s story with photos, audio and video. Professional staff write the stories and develop the website history with your help. This page can even be updated as your family’s heritage evolves in future years.
Imagine your great, great grandchildren rediscovering your family’s Nebraska history when they visit this statewide treasure or that is accessible to anyone in the world.

Legacy Tiles: A unique opportunity to describe the significance of an individual, family or organization’s accomplishments. Legacy tiles are made of bronze and are set in granite. They are available in 18” x 18” or 18” x 36”.

Sponsorship of 18” x 18” Legacy Tile: $10,000

Sponsorship of 18” x 36” Legacy Tiles: $25,000

Funds from the Legacy Tiles go to Nebraska’s Centennial Mall endowment fund. If you would like more information on purchasing a Legacy tile on The Spirit of Nebraska Pathway fill out the information below and a representative will contact you.

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