Nebraska Environmental Trust

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The Nebraska Environmental Trust was created by the Nebraska Legislature in 1992 for the purposes of environmental conservation and restoration. The Trust has provided over $200 million in grants to all 93 counties across the state, using revenue from the Nebraska Lottery.

These projects range from habitat restoration and preservation to water conservation, waste management, recycling and environmental education.

In its environmental conservation and restoration activities, the Trust has worked with numerous entities and individuals to bring these projects to fruition. Some of these entities include State agencies like the Nebraska Forest Service, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, Department of Agriculture and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission; cities large and small across the State; organizations like the Rainwater Basin Joint Venture, Nebraska Land Trust, Wachiska Audubon Society, Sandhills Task Force Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever and the Natural Resources Districts.

The Nebraska Environmental Trust very much positions itself as a partner to these different bodies in bringing projects together, which otherwise would not been possible due to lack of funding. The main thrust is to collaborate with partners and spearhead environmental initiatives that will make a difference to Nebraska’s future.

The Nebraska Environmental Trust works to preserve, protect and restore our natural resources for future generations. Anyone – citizens, organizations, communities, farmers and businesses – can apply for funding to protect habitat, improve water quality and establish recycling programs in Nebraska.

Information provided by a Nebraska Environmental Trust representative in June 2014
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